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One Square Foot of a Chapel 

As you build one, ten or 100-plus square feet, you’re answering their urgent prayers for a safe, stable place to worship.

Construction Materials 

Every construction project needs tools, nails, bricks and so on. So your gift of these materials is vital!

Build a Lamb Shelter 

Your gift of a "lamb shelter"—a simple but sturdy room—provides a safe place for children to learn about Jesus!

Reach One Home 

The gospel worker you send to an unreached home will study the Bible with the whole family, answering their questions and preparing them for baptism.

Support a Gospel Worker 

Your support provides entirely for a gospel worker’s soul-winning labor. In fact, a typical gospel worker will share Bible lessons with more than 350 people every month!

Tell Children About Jesus! 

Your gift of $74 provides the lesson materials, craft supplies, music and everything else needed for a 10-day evangelistic children’s program.

Food & Care For Orphans 

In most places, the orphans live in extreme poverty. So your gift is often their only hope for these vital supplies. And you’ll also be sharing Jesus with them!

Felt Set to Tell Bible Stories 

In many places, they’ve never even had one felt set. You can give the children a special visual aid for their Bible stories!

Gift Pack for a Child 

By giving these packs, you’ll make sure each child has things like a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, school supplies and a Bible or Bible storybook.

Treat Children at a Clinic 

Because of poverty or location, some children have suffered for weeks or even months before they’re seen at your clinic. You should see their faces when their pain is relieved!

One Clinic Day 

Your typical clinic covers eye care (including free prescription glasses!), dental work, basic medical treatments and health counseling. This is a huge blessing to the local community.

Medical Equipment 

Your gift provides everything from gloves and tongue depressors to vision readers and blood pressure cuffs.

Bibles for New Believers 

When a new believer is baptized or someone requests Bible studies, having a Bible of their own is essential. So your local-language Bible is a precious gift!

Case of Bibles 

By giving a case of Bibles, you’re building up the church on the solid foundation of God’s Word!

Bibles for Children 

By providing local - language Bibles especially for children, you are giving them precious words to live by!

Provide Life-Saving Sermons 

Over the coming years, your gift of new sermons will touch the lives of tens of thousands of people!

Sermon Presentation Kit 

This plug-and-play kit will enable effective evangelism and will be used over and over again!

Muslim Outreach Study Guides 

As our brave Muslim outreach workers share Christ in places we cannot name, your gift of Bible/Quran study guides is vital.

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