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2020 Coronavirus Update


The COVID-19 coronavirus situation is rapidly evolving. QHM is carefully monitoring several sources of information for health and travel including travel advisories from the state department, and travel restrictions from our Adventist NAD and multiple conferences. As part of our principle of careful stewardship of resources, QHM is implementing some new guidelines in order to be responsible citizens in lessening the spread of coronavirus and its impact on our staff, team members, local communities, and the world.


After prayerful review and discussion, our officer team made the decision to re-schedule all of the remaining 2020 mission trips for a future date. We are working with our international partners to explore ways that QHM can support evangelism outreach without sending a mission team from the United States. We are also reaching out to team members to discuss their participation and any refunds.


We are taking additional steps for our staff travel, changing to video-conference formats for meetings, and implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitization procedures in our building. Throughout this difficult time, QHM is committed to moving forward in faith to continuing the work of spreading the love of Jesus to the world. The gospel message will not be stopped.


Changes are coming to the world at a rapid pace, and we are constantly evaluating our next steps. Please join me in keeping our world and QHM in your prayers.

Building Material

Local planning and labor are needed wherever we build remote chapels. But you can easily pitch in from far away because construction material is essential!

Children's Program Supplies

By providing craft supplies, Bible lesson resources and more, you bring precious children to Jesus. Your gift will supply everything for a 10-day children’s program.

Build a Whole Chapel

Your generosity will make a tangible impact when you fund an entire chapel building! On average, mission field chapels cost $18,200 to build—you can change a whole community!

Reach One Person

We can spend $4 almost without thinking about it, here in North America! But did you know that every $4 you give to missions reaches one more person with the life-giving gospel of Jesus?

Evangelism Meetings

Thousands of people have their lives changed every year by attending our evangelism meetings. In a single venue, hundreds can be reached at a time for a small cost.

Treat One Clinic Patient

You can help provide basic medical treatment for needy people in the mission field by giving to support clinics! Each $5 you give will treat one more person.

One Clinic Day

A full day of medical clinics can treat hundreds of people and give them an invitation to hear about Jesus. Your generous gift of $685 will make an entire clinic day possible in the field!

Bibles for New Believers

New believers worldwide have accepted the gospel by studying the Bible for themselves. You can provide a local-language Bible for a newly baptized believer, so they can continue learning and sharing their faith.

Give a Case of Bibles

On average, the Bibles you provide are shared by seven people! When you give an entire case of Bibles, you’re putting God’s word in the hands of 168 people to study for themselves.

Reach One Home

Our gospel workers are boots on the ground in the mission field. Each door they knock on is an opportunity for the gospel! And each $11 you give will reach one more precious family!

Support a Gospel Worker

It’s the dedicated effort of local gospel workers that brings Bible interests to the evangelism meetings! By giving to support a gospel worker, you’re giving directly to soul-winning.

Felt Set

Many children in the mission field have never seen felts! But a Bible story will stick in a child’s mind so much longer with this visual aids you provide for just $154!

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