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One Square Foot of a Chapel 

Right now you can build one, ten or 100-plus square feet. And your special gift will answer urgent prayers for a safe, stable place to worship.

Construction Materials 

Our construction crew simply couldn't function without the tools and materials you can provide. Tools, nails, mortar and more are all provided by this unique gift.

Build a Lamb Shelter 

In the mission field, the children often have no place to gather on Sabbath. Your gift of a "lamb shelter" provides a safe place for kids to learn about Jesus!

Reach One Home 

When you support a gospel worker, you’re reaching people who’ve never before known what the Bible teaches. Many have never even heard of Jesus!

Support a Gospel Worker 

Without your generous gifts, a gospel worker’s soul-winning labor simply wouldn’t be possible. This powerful gift reaches hundreds of people for Christ.

Tell Children About Jesus! 

Your gift provides Bible lesson resources, craft supplies, music and everything else needed for a 10-day children’s evangelism program.

Food & Care For Orphans 

You can equip an evangelism team with food, clothes, school supplies and other necessities to give to orphans in the mission field.

Felt Set to Tell Bible Stories 

Your gift of a colorful felt set is a huge boost to our children’s evangelism programs. You can make the Bible stories come alive with this special gift!

Treat Children at a Clinic 

In the mission field, many kids suffer from easily treatable ailments. When you provide a free medical clinic, you empower us to relieve the suffering of Christ’s little children.

One Clinic Day 

At the free medical clinic you provide, impoverished patients receive eye care (including free prescription glasses!), dental work, basic medical treatments and health counseling.

Medical Equipment 

Your gift provides gloves, tongue depressors, vision readers, blood pressure cuffs and much more. These supplies are essential to life-saving, soul-winning medical outreach.

Bibles for New Believers 

Bibles are crucial to building up the church. And as Bible studies are given in unreached communities, it’s so helpful to have enough Bibles for all the interests.

Case of Bibles 

By giving an entire case of Bibles, you’re making a special impact for building up the church on God’s Word. And you’re giving new believers a gift they’ll treasure and use forever!

Bibles for Children 

Children face real difficulties when they don’t have God’s Word. By providing local-language Bibles especially for children, you are giving them invaluable guidance at this vulnerable stage of life.

Provide Life-Changing Sermons 

This special gift is a plug-and-play kit that empowers effective evangelism. And it will be used for years to come, reaching thousands of people for Christ!

Bible/Quran Study Guides 

Our Muslim outreach workers are sharing Christ in places we cannot name. And they need Bible/Quran study guides that help the reader come to discover Jesus’ life-saving love.

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