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Help complete or renovate a community's cherished place of worship.

Support a Global Evangelist's team in their urban outreach efforts worldwide.

Introduce precious little children across the world to their friend Jesus.

Provide health education, reading glasses and screening supplies.

Build a special place for believers to celebrate Jesus each Sabbath.

Share the hope Jesus offers with one more person seeking peace and purpose.

Provide an opportunity to discover more about the character of God.

Impact a life immediately with the gift of wellness in a field health clinic.

Give a community the opportunity to discover the impact health and wellness.

Provide relevant provisions when needs are discovered during outreach activities.

Give a new believer their very own Bible, in their very own language.

Open the word of God for an entire neighborhood by providing a case of Bibles.

Support a neighborhood gospel worker while they serve their community.

Feed and house a gospel worker while they share Jesus with others.

Bring Bible stories to life by providing felts for children worldwide.

Support friendship evangelism in muslim regions throughout the world.

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