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Building Material

If you've ever been involved in a construction project, you know there are needs that pop up outside the plan. Help complete or renovate a cherished place of worship. $100 can go a long way in the mission field.

Support Global Evangelists

Global Evangelists draw large crowds in town centers and cities. While most QHM meetings reach rural communities, trained pastor evangelists who are well-known reach thousands!

Children's Program Supplies

By providing craft supplies, Bible lesson resources and more, you bring precious little children to know Jesus. Your gift will supply everything for a Friendship Hour children’s evangelism program.

Clinic Supplies

Can you imagine sitting all day, waiting to be seen, only to find out there are no more supplies? With your gift, clinic teams can have enough education material, glasses and supplies for everyone who comes.

Build a Whole Chapel

A chapel building is one of the largest expenses for evangelism projects around the world. But having a place to bring new believers for worship on Sabbath is no less important than reaching them for the first time.

Reach One Person for Christ

Don't you love to hear the touching stories of hearts converted to Christ? You can help write those stories when you give to global evangelism. Every $5 you give could be another story written in the book of life!

Evangelism Meetings

Public evangelism is a special way to reach new believers. Meetings plus building relationships creates a shared experience where new believers know they're not alone. Fund an evangelism meeting with your gift of $200.

Treat One Clinic Patient

So many people in mission countries have no access to healthcare and sometimes even health education! Holding free health clinics is a great way to reach out care for people. You can treat on person with every $5 you give.

One Clinic Day

Mission teams can easily see 300 people in one clinic day! With your help, free eyeglasses, health education, blood pressure and sugar tests and basic medical treatments can be provided to whole communities.

Care for Children

Our mission teams often see heartbreaking needs among children in the field. In conjunction with evangelism efforts, you can help provide supplies, food and clothes to needy kids who don’t even have enough to get by!

Bibles for New Believers

One of the best ways to continue growing new believers in their faith is through Bible study! When you give to provide local-language Bibles for new believers, you're keeping the path to Jesus open for a lifetime.

Give a Case of Bibles

On average, the Bibles you provide are shared by seven people! When you give an entire case of Bibles, you're opening the Word of God to whole families and neighborhoods.

Reach One Home

Going house-to-house, gospel workers are reaching new believers daily. Often, when they study the Bible with one person, the whole household is reached! You can help reach one more home with $18.

Support a Gospel Worker

Gospel workers are the ones who meet people in the community and study the Bible with them. They are also the ones who bring people to attend evangelistic meetings. Your gift helps feed and house them as they work.

Felt Set

Felts are a fun, interactive way to learn about Jesus. When children see Bible stories through felts, their joy shows. Leaving a felt set also keeps the stories going for years.

Muslim Outreach

Muslim outreach is extremely sensitive evangelism work. You can help keep the gospel quietly but swiftly moving in closed areas of the world through local Christian gospel workers.

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