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Felt Set to Tell Bible Stories 

You can send our mission teams with felt sets to use in their children’s programs. And your felt sets will be left with local churches, to continue blessing the children for years to come!

Gift Pack for a Child 

By giving these packs, you’ll make sure impoverished children have things like a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, school supplies and a Bible or Bible story book. It’s a simple, tangible expression of God’s love and a big blessing to these kids.

Food & Care For Orphans 

Many of our mission teams minister to local orphans. You can send a team with food, clothes, school supplies and other necessities to give to these lonely kids.

Construction Materials 

Every construction site needs the basics - tools, nails, bricks and so on. Your gift of these vital supplies gets our construction crew off to a flying start!

Build a Lamb Shelter 

In the mission field, even if a congregation has a place to worship, very often the children have no place for their own programs. You can build a “lamb shelter” - a simple but sturdy room - where the children can learn about Jesus!

Reach One Home 

In the mission field there are untold millions starving for hope. When you send them a gospel worker, you literally reach them right where they live - their home!

Support a Gospel Worker 

Your gift for a gospel worker’s monthly support allows even more people to learn for the first time that Jesus loves them! In fact, a typical gospel worker will share Bible lessons with more than 350 people every month!

Reach One Person for Christ 

Every year the evangelism teams you send reach more than 100,000 people with the gospel! Today your gift of $8 reaches one more precious soul with the message of salvation in Jesus.

Evangelistic Meetings 

The evangelistic meetings you provide reach more than 200 people each night. And your meeting is a unique opportunity, combining the excitement of a foreign guest speaker, the cultural connection of local church members and the power of the Holy Spirit!

Treat Children at a Clinic 

Many of the patients treated at our mission field clinics are children. And they are very poor. You gift will treat 100 of these precious kids!

One Clinic Day 

The impact of the medical clinics you provide really is amazing. Your typical clinic includes eye care, dental work, basic medical treatments and health counselling. Time and again there are many people baptized because they first came to your clinic!

Medical Equipment 

To treat hundreds of patients every day requires lots of different equipment. The supplies you provide - everything from gloves and tongue depressors to vision readers and blood pressure cuffs - are vital to life-saving, soul-winning medical outreach.

Bibles for New Believers 

Imagine, a new believer steps forward from the waters of baptism, beginning their new walk with God. As they celebrate with brothers and sisters in Christ, a brand new Bible is placed in their hands - a special gift from you!

Case of Bibles 

We’ve seen entire congregations with just a few Bibles to share between all the members! Or there are gospel workers without enough Bibles to use in their Bibles studies. By giving a case of Bibles, you’re building up the church on the solid foundation of God’s Word!

Bibles for Children 

By providing local - language Bibles especially for children, you are giving them precious truth that will last a lifetime.

Provide Life-Saving Sermons 

Your gift will provide all the sermon notes, graphics and translation! And once you’ve provided the translated sermon, we’ll use it each time we’re presenting to people of that language. Imagine the impact you’ll be making for years to come!

Sermon Presentation Kit 

The sermon presentation kit you provide will be a backpack carrying a tablet computer, projector and connector cables. This plug-and-play kit will enable efficient, effective evangelism.

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