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2020 Coronavirus Update


The COVID-19 coronavirus situation is rapidly evolving. QHM is carefully monitoring several sources of information for health and travel including travel advisories from the state department, and travel restrictions from our Adventist NAD and multiple conferences. As part of our principle of careful stewardship of resources, QHM is implementing some new guidelines in order to be responsible citizens in lessening the spread of coronavirus and its impact on our staff, team members, local communities, and the world.


After prayerful review and discussion, our officer team made the decision to re-schedule all of the remaining 2020 mission trips for a future date. We are working with our international partners to explore ways that QHM can support evangelism outreach without sending a mission team from the United States. We are also reaching out to team members to discuss their participation and any refunds.


We are taking additional steps for our staff travel, changing to video-conference formats for meetings, and implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitization procedures in our building. Throughout this difficult time, QHM is committed to moving forward in faith to continuing the work of spreading the love of Jesus to the world. The gospel message will not be stopped.


Changes are coming to the world at a rapid pace, and we are constantly evaluating our next steps. Please join me in keeping our world and QHM in your prayers.

One Square Foot of a Chapel 

With every $15 you give, you build one square foot of chapel. By providing chapels, you answer prayers and strengthen the community of believers!

Construction Materials 

Our mission teams work hard constructing chapels but they couldn’t it without the materials you send. Tools, wood, cement and more allow them to do their work.

Build a Lamb Shelter 

Little children love to worship Jesus. But many times they don’t have a safe place to gather. Your special gift will provide a “lamb shelter” for them.

Reach One Home 

Right now, you can send the gospel to homes that are searching. By providing a gospel worker to visit these homes, families who lack the hope of a Savior will be reached!

Support a Gospel Worker 

You can make evangelism more effective by sending a local gospel worker to study the Bible with precious individuals before our mission teams even get on the ground.

Tell Children About Jesus! 

By providing craft supplies, music, Bible lesson resources and more, you bring precious little children to know Jesus. Your gift will supply a 10-day children’s program.

Food & Care For Orphans 

Orphans are among the most needy—but you can supply food, clothes, school supplies and more for orphans in the mission field as they learn of Jesus.

Felt Set to Tell Bible Stories 

You can make sure children in the mission field have an opportunity to learn Bible stories and discover Jesus. One felt set will provide a Bible education to many eager children.

Treat Children at a Clinic 

Children in many countries don’t have access to necessary medical care. Your gift today will make sure that health needs are met for children all over the world..

One Clinic Day 

By providing a medical clinic, hundreds of impoverished people will get much needed treatments. With your gift you supply eye care, dental work, basic medical treatments and health counseling.

Medical Equipment 

Our medical clinics treat hundreds of desperate patients. But they wouldn’t even be possible without the medical equipment you provide so our mission teams can effectively meet medical needs.

Bibles for New Believers 

Each new believer who accepts Jesus through baptism is thrilled to hold their own local-language Bible! Often scarce, each $10 you give provides a Bible to a new believer.

Case of Bibles 

Evangelistic meeting bring hundreds and thousands into the Adventist faith. But without the Bibles that you send, new believers wouldn’t be able to continue their study after the meetings are over!

Bibles for Children 

Reading and learning of Jesus in childhood is so important! Your special gift will provide Bibles for children who face many trials. Having God’s Word gives them invaluable guidance.

Provide Life-Changing Sermons 

You can provide new sermons that will touch hundreds and thousands of hearts. The effects of each life given to Christ will continue on for years and years!

Muslim Outreach 

By giving to support Muslim outreach, you can send gospel workers to places like Africa and the middle east. Each $16 you give reaches one more person and provides a Bible for them.

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