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Karl LindsayEvangelism DirectorKarl is an Australian living in America who left his heart in Africa. He is passionate about creating opportunities for others to have transformative experiences and share the gospel as disciple-makers in places all over the world. As a Quiet Hour team leader, he is looking forward to helping you fall in love with sharing Jesus in the mission field. 

Janice Chang CaseAssistant to the DirectorJanice, who joined Quiet Hour Ministries in January 2016, has been working in the Lord’s ministry since 1998. Prior to joining our team, Janice had served for 10 years in the Property and Trust Services Department at the Southeastern California Conference (SECC) of Seventh-day Adventists. She holds a Juris Doctor, a Doctor of Psychology and a Master of Laws in Taxation. Janice is also certified as a Chartered Trust & Estate Planner and a Master Financial Professional and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Financial Management. Janice is married to Steven, whom she met at SECC. They have a son, Jeremy.

145 x 175 pxRuth GomezEvangelism Projects Coordinator Biography and picture coming soon!

145 x 175 pxAdia DayaoEvangelism Projects AssistantBiography coming soon!

145 x 175 pxGeorgia BurtTeam Member Support SpecialistGeorgia was hired by Quiet Hour Ministries in 1978 but first started as an after school volunteer. Since her start she’s served in various roles from dubbing tapes for radio stations, operating the camera and teleprompter for the Search telecast, working in the shipping department, printing the mailing list (pre-computer) on huge rolls of paper and assisting our IT Department. Her current role involves assisting our mission team members as well as processing and receipting donations. She and her husband live in Yucaipa.

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