Sermon Series Information

If you are assigned to a speaker role on your mission trip, about a month prior to your departure, our office will ship you a QHM speaker kit. Inside the kit will be all the equipment you'll need to preach and project at your site. It is your responsibility, as a speaker, to carry this kit with you to the mission field. Please take the wheeled case on your flight as a carry-on item and not as checked luggage. This is very important to protect the fragile equipment inside.

Your speaker kit will contain:

  • an iPad with the My Friend Jesus sermons pre-loaded
  • an Apple TV
  • a projector
  • power cables
  • an HDMI cable
  • adaptors
  • instructions

Please read the setup instructions and familiarize yourself with the iPad content. We are happy to help you and answer any questions you have along the way.

New Beginnings Sermon Series:

If our evangelism department asks you to preach the New Beginnings sermon series instead of My Friend Jesus, please download the English sermons here or the Spanish sermons here. This series was created by ASI and has been adapted for QHM's use.

Children's Program and Health Talks

If you are assigned to roles as children's leader or health talk presenter, please download your material here.




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