What happens on a QHM mission trip?

Our mission trips are centered on evangelism. Every QHM mission trip includes evangelistic meetings, which are almost always presented by our team members themselves. In addition to the meetings, our trips frequently include some or all of the following: children’s outreach, medical, dental and optical clinics, construction projects and more. So we involve team members from every walk of life.

On-site our teams stay in local hotels, mission compounds or other accommodations. In preparing for our mission trips, we are very careful to select safe, affordable and comfortable accommodations for our team members. And if at all possible we make sure Internet access is available.

Many people wonder what they’ll eat in the mission field. We do provide all meals during the mission trip dates. The food typically reflects the local culture and what is seasonally available. It’s also all vegetarian and delicious.

Is there an age limit for team members?

There is no bottom age limit for team members, however, those under 18 will need to complete our Notarized Parental Consent Form and any team member under age 15 should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. On the upper end of the spectrum, we’ve had many senior-aged team members join us who are under 85. Unfortunately, participants age 85 and older do not qualify for insurance coverage and, therefore, cannot participate on mission trips. For team members of any age, also bear in mind that our mission trips frequently require extensive travel, long hours and less of the conveniences enjoyed in North America. It’s truly a mission adventure, so be sure you’re ready!

What does my mission trip investment amount include?

Your mission trip investment includes airfare, lodging, meals and on-site travel. It also helps provide for the evangelistic meetings, children’s outreach, medical clinics, construction projects and other ministries undertaken on the trip.

What support can QHM provide for my mission trip investment amount?

We would love to provide for the mission trip investments of all our team members. Unfortunately we are unable to do so. However we do have tools—including online personal fundraising pages and customizable fundraising letters—to help you reach your investment amount and go to the mission field. To make it easier to reach your investment amount, we recommend signing up for your mission trip at least six months in advance.

Is a sight-seeing tour included?

In line with the outreach-focused nature of our mission trips, there is not an extended sight-seeing tour as part of the mission trip investment. However we often include a one- or half-day local excursion in the mission trip investment. Check with our evangelism department to learn more as you plan your mission trip.

Does a team member have to be Seventh-day Adventist?

Quiet Hour Ministries is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and many, but not all of our team members are Adventists. The evangelistic sermon series we present is also in agreement with Adventist theology. We do have people from other Christian denominations and even non-believers join our mission trips! And while we do not require that our team members be Adventist, we do ask each team member to agree to a code of conduct in line with SDA beliefs while on the trip.

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