"This trip has changed my life. It's really a different experience—going to a different country for the first time and [being with] other Christians that are my age. My church is pretty small so it's really a different experience to meet a whole big group of other people that are that strong in their faith.

Being around this group of people who also have a really strong faith, it just pushes me to become that much closer with God.

Every time we do something we pray before and after and it's just really a spiritual high!"

-Sophie Clark, mission team member in Tonga


"God was pushing me to be here. And I had no idea where [the mission trip] was, what I was going to be doing, didn't know what the weather would be like, I didn't know what the people would be like!

I kind of came just open minded and I'm glad I did because there's so much here that I didn't expect and that I'm so happy that I got to experience.

Just from what I've experienced here with the Quiet Hour Ministries group, oh I would do it all over again! I'm excited to sign up for the next trip when I can!"

-Netanya Domingo, mission team member in Tonga


"It was right before the meeting. There weren't a lot of people yet when he came in. He didn't want to talk to the pastor, he didn't want to talk to the elder. But he came to my interpreter and said he wanted to talk to me because I'd shared a little bit of my story.

He'd been in the church and he wanted to come back to the church. And before we left the room, he was in tears, my interpreter was in tears—and I actually felt a little bad because I was smiling, I was on the roof, I was five feet off the floor! I was so happy!"

-Steve Wood, mission team member in Peru


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