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Who can I apply for?

You can only apply for one person at a time. In general, we recommend only one mission trip application per login user. However, if you’re applying for your family, for example, please complete separate applications for each individual. Bear in mind that only one fundraiser webpage can be made per login user.

When I apply, am I confirmed to go on the mission trip?

Not yet. After submitting your application, you still need to complete steps two through four as shown above to confirm your mission trip participation.

I'm under 18. Can I apply?

Yes you can! You’ll simply need to submit a notarized parental consent form during Step 2.

I don’t have my passport yet! Can I still apply?

Yes! You will be asked for passport information in the application. But it’s not required to apply. However, please send along your passport information as soon as possible.

Who can give toward my mission trip?

Anyone can give toward your mission trip participation amount. And all gifts are tax-deductible! You’ll need to build a mission trip fundraiser webpage for online gifts. You can also make gifts by calling(800) 900-9021 or by mailing a check to Quiet Hour Ministries, PO Box 3000, Redlands, CA 92373. Be sure your name is included so the gift is properly allocated!


"It's a joy to be here with my family! But most of all looking at it through my daughter's eyes."

"Watching her blossom through this experience and seeing how she's engaging with the local people as she works with the youth and VBS programs each night."

"And also listening to some of her sentiments, how they've changed from when we took the trip to when we got on the plane, till now. What a blessing!"

-Anthony Belliamy, mission team member in Costa Rica

Group Mission Trips

Is your church or school group looking for a mission trip? We can help!

For information about group mission trips, contact our Evangelism Department at (800) 900-9021 or at evangelism@qhministries.org.

We'd love to work with you on an evangelism mission trip that's just right for your group!

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